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The rules and combinations of three-card poker

The popularity of poker has made it a common leisure activity not only in the club format, but also in casinos. However, the mechanics of playing croupier against a guest are different from the classic game. According to the rules of 3 card poker online, participants tend to collect combinations and make bets. But the winnings do not depend on the number of chips in the pot. It is calculated by odds and bonus conditions.

The basic rules of three-card stud poker

The order of the game is based on a few obligatory conditions. The dealer always equalizes the guest’s ante and then deals the cards. Then the player decides if he is ready to continue the game. If so, he bets, effectively doubling the amount he has already paid. At the last step, the dealer shows his hand. If it meets the requirement set by the casino (usually a queen is enough), the player wins. He is entitled to the prize specified in the payout table. If the dealer’s hand is weaker than the rules, the player receives the money and ante extra.

Basic Provisions

To play in 3 card poker online free use a standard deck of 52 cards. In some variations, 2 jokers are added. 3-card poker is a casino format game “against the croupier”. Several guests are allowed to participate at the same time. But they can not play money among themselves. The combination of each participant is compared to the hand of the croupier.

In the real land-based establishments at the three-card poker table can sit from 1 to 5 participants. Online, the game is typically played in a one-on-one format. Typically, if there are many participants at the table, they are not forbidden to exchange information. The reason is that the croupier cannot refuse to continue the game, as happens in club poker. Regardless of the cards he dealt to the guests, he will go to showdown after the beta.

A separate game with a bonus bet goes like this:

  • The player places chips on the Ante and Pair Plus fields.
  • The dealer deals himself and the guest 3 cards. He keeps his own closed.
  • If the player’s cards are a ready hand, he gets a bonus. The amount depends on the table Pair Plus Payouts.
  • The player evaluates the resulting hand and decides if he is ready to compare it to the dealer’s hand. You can reset or continue with an additional bet.
  • The dealer reveals his cards. If his hand does not match the minimum, the player gets his money back and an ante on top.
  • If the dealer’s combination has qualified, it is compared with the one that the opponent has collected. If the dealer wins, all bets made go to the casino.
  • If the guest wins, the ante, and bet to him are paid in the ratio of 1:1. Additional money is allowed for the collected combination.


There are several types of bets in this type of poker:

  • Ante. Mandatory bet that must be made before the cards are dealt. Usually its size is not fixed: you can dial in the chip’s needed amount.
  • Bet. A bet is available to the player after receiving pocket cards. Typically, it is equal to the ante.
  • Pair or Better. An additional Bet, which can be posted before the Betting Round begins. It is typically designated as “Pair Plus”, less often—“Pair Up”. If the player manages to collect a combination of a pair of ladies or better in the game, he will receive a bonus for this bet. The exact payout table for bonuses depends on the conditions of the casino. Generally, a 1:1 for a ready pair is awarded, a 4:1 for a flush, a 6:1 for a straight, a 30:1 for a set, and a 40:1 for a straight flush.

Game Strategy

It is impossible to develop an optimal strategy in games of 3 card poker free online against casinos. The rules are designed so that the dealer has a mathematical advantage. Some actions can reduce the gap. For example, if you continue only with a ready hand. This will reduce the casino’s advantage, but participation in the game will still have a negative EV. You will get to spend more time at the table, but not come out on the plus side.

Tips for Players

All types of 3 card poker online real money against the casino is a gambling pastime with the risk of losing money. Players of all types are advised to treat such leisure time responsibly:

  • Do not sit down at the table in a bad mood or state of intoxication.
  • Use only the money that was originally allocated for it.
  • Do not continue to play for the purpose of recouping what you have spent.

If poker, regardless of its format, determines the mood and is a way to distract from real life, you should take a break. Responsible companies offer a self-exclusion feature for such cases. So, to summarize, 3 card poker with 6 card bonus online free is indeed a very interesting game that can bring good money.