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Omaha Poker Description and Rules

Omaha Poker is the second most popular form of poker in the world. Online Omaha poker is popular because to collect a combination of 6 times easier than when playing his “big brother”—TEXAS HOLDEM. The main objective of the game is to collect the highest possible poker combination, higher than that of opponents. The main difference between this type of poker from TEXAS HOLDEM is that the deal is not two, but four pocket cards. To make the final combination it is necessary to use strictly two of their cards and three cards from the table. In the game Omaha online poker involved a deck of 52 cards from deuce to ace in each of the four suits. The highest card in the suit is an ace; the lowest card is a deuce. Before each deal, the deck is shuffled.

Interface appearance:

  • Each deal refers to one of the poker combinations, which are made up of 9 cards (4 at the player and 5 on the table). The following are the combinations, starting with the strongest.
  • A Royal flush is a straight flush, starting with an Ace. (T-K-D-B-10).
  • A Straight-flush is a sequence of five cards of the same suit.
  • Four-of-a-kind—Four cards of the same rank, with a fifth sidearm.
  • Full House—A hand consisting of three cards of one rank and two cards of a different rank. (6-6-6-K-K)
  • Flush—Five cards of a single suit.
  • Straight—A sequence of five cards of different colors. (9-8-7-6-5-Suits are irrelevant. An Ace may be the highest card (T-K-D-B-10) or the lowest card in a Hand (5-4-3-2-T) sequence. A sequence with an Ace in it (3-2-T-K-D) is not considered a straight.
  • Three-of-a-kind—Three cards of the same rank. (9-9-9-Д-4)
  • Two Pair—Two cards of the same rank and two cards of a different rank. For example, two queens and two aces. (T-T-5-5-10)
  • Two Pair—Two cards of the same rank. (8-8-К-4-2).
  • High Card—Cards that do not make any of the above combinations, for example, B-10-7-5-2. In this case, the highest card determines the winner.

The following rule works in Omaha poker online, if combinations of two players are equal, the winner is determined by Kicker: the name of the card in the player’s hand, which itself is not included in the combination, but it shows the strongest when the combination is equal. Kicker is involved in any combination with the number of cards less than 5—this is “Four of a kind” (when all four are on the table), two pairs, three (set), one pair.

How to Play Omaha Poker

At the beginning of the game in poker Omaha online you have to choose the number of tokens.

If you want to fold a card, click “Fold”. If you want to make a check, click “Check”. In special situations you can stay in the game by clicking “Check”. If you wish to bet/raise, you must accept the lowest bet or change it using the slider, or simply by specifying the desired bet.

Tokens in the bank are displayed in the center of the table.

Game Bank

All bets made by players are in the bank. The size of the pot is the sum of all points wagered.

Table types

  • Limit (LIMIT)—When there are strict limits on increasing bets: You may only increase by 1 Small Blind on the 1st Betting Round and by 1 or 2 Small Blinds on the 2nd Betting Round.
  • POT LIMIT—When you can increase your bet in poker Omaha online free by any amount within the current pot.
  • NO LIMIT—When there is no limit on the amount of the bet.  When there is no limit on the increase.

Betting Circle

  • CHECK—When you do not increase your Bet, but do not fold, the turn passes to the next player.
  • BET—Increase Bet (depending on table type), the bet is immediately placed and added to the pot.
  • Make FOLD—“I fold”—all bets remain in the pot, the player discards cards.
  • Make a CALL—The player delivers exactly the amount needed to equalize bets.
  • Make RAISE—the player delivers (equalizes the bets) and increases the bet by the amount depending on the type of table.
  • ALL-IN rules—” I play for everything”.

If one of the players does not have enough points to equalize the bet, he can play—online Omaha poker free. The player bets “all he has. The turn passes to the next player or the betting round ends. If the player who bet ALL-IN wins then he is paid a % of the pot corresponding to his bet. The remainder of the pot is paid to the 2nd winner (with a lower combination). In case of NO LIMIT the ALL-IN bet means that the player goes all-in.

Seating at the Table

A player, sitting down at the table and starting to play poker Omaha online free contributes a certain amount of buy in points, depending on the ANTE, namely, in the current poker MAXIMUM buy in is 50 ANTE. MINIMUM buy in  = 1 ANTE. For example, if ANTE = 10, then the maximum you can buy for a start of 500 is a minimum of 10.