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What WSOP stands for?

WSOP is an acronym for the World Series of Poker. These are famous and status tournaments, united by the name of the World Series of Poker. Because WSOP online free poker still has a controversial status, the Championship in the classical sense does not exist. But tacitly it is considered to be the WSOP.

World Series of Poker – features

Unlike the WPT, the WSOP does not travel by cities and countries. Every year the event is held in Las Vegas, the casino “Rio”. It is not one tournament, but the whole series of about 60 tournaments, which last for about a month. The total prize pool is impressive—about $225 million to date. In addition, the finalist receives a special mark of distinction in the form of a gold bracelet. Something like a gold medal for athletes.Not surprisingly, the World Series of Poker attracts thousands of people wishing to try their luck. The fees are quite large. To get to the main event, you need to pay 10,000 dollars.


The WSOP was first held officially in 1970, although something similar had already been organized in 1968. Casino owners were happy to open their doors to participants in order to promote the institution.  The original purpose of the tournaments was to determine the world’s strongest poker player. Over time, record-breaking players emerged. Johnny Moss and Stu Unger, for example, won three times. About the history of the latter you can learn from the movie “The Gambler”. Every year the scale of the competition grew, respectively, and the amount of the prize fund increased. Once the number of participants was less than 10, and they fought for 30,000, but in 2006 about 9,000 players were competing, and the prize fund passed the mark of 12 million. Since the WSOP is held only in the USA, the number of participants is influenced by the governmental policy concerning online gambling. Nevertheless, the prestigious tournament does not give up, winning it remains the most coveted achievement for millions of poker players.

The poker room for US players with the most affordable WSOP satellites available!

The WSOP poker online room was created by the world’s largest poker series in 2009 based on 888 network software. By 2011 the poker room was one of the top 10 most popular poker rooms thanks to the unique opportunity to get to the WSOP series in Las Vegas with no real investment. Initially the room did not offer play opportunities to US citizens, but with the partial legalization of online poker in America, New Jersey residents gained access to the game.During the 2015 WSOP Series, one of the key innovations in WSOP pa online poker is a new tournament that will feature a gold bracelet for the series in the online room. The innovation is timed to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the World Series, to show poker fans that the series continues to evolve. The emergence of this tournament could ensure rapid growth of the room and further capture the American market. The room’s traffic is second among legal poker rooms in the United States. The average audience of the room does not reach a thousand players, the game is played on low limits. Daily tournaments gather more players, but for a tournament player the room does not offer the necessary number of events. The room is of interest to those wishing to enter the World Series of Poker.Now in 2023, the rules and participation in WSOP free online poker have not changed much.

The benefits of playing at the WSOP

The room holds the most affordable satellites to tournaments, ranging from free rolls to WSOP free poker online.Going forward, have a significant share of the U.S. market, including numerous recreational players, thanks to active TV advertising for the series. Due to the work on the legal market WSOP free online poker room also has small restrictions on registration, as well as the high rake, reaching 5%. Access is limited to users living outside of New Jersey (USA).

Room Bonuses

WSOP online poker free offers a bonus of 100% on your first deposit up to $500. The bonus is recouped in 30 days, with 10 points required for every $1 raked. For every $1 rake a player gets 2 points.In addition, after signing up all players become members of the loyalty program, which includes 7 levels (of which 2 are annual). The maximum refund is 30%.

Additional information

The poker room has launched its own WSOP – poker games online on Facebook, from where it transfers poker fans interested in real poker battles. The main goal of the room is to attract players to the WSOP World Series of Poker. Due to the close connection between the poker room and the main series, if poker is legalized in the U.S., it is assured of a significant increase in popularity.